33If you enjoy meeting and talking to people, are looking for a career in sales and would like the ability to control how much you earn each month, then selling cars could be the job for you.

Car Sales People have a very poor image, as I’m sure you will appreciate. That does put some individuals off looking into this business. However, wheres many years ago that image that people had of the industry was, to a degree, justified, that is no longer the case.

There is a professionalism within the motor trade that has beed consciously developed over the last 10 – 15 years led by the Manufacturers and Major Dealers and complemented by legislation that means many of the dubious practices formerly associated with the car business don’t exist any more.

Anybody good car sales person will have a job for life! There are lots of people out there selling cars, but very few car sales people. Most tend to be just order takers! So  once you establish yourself as a good Car Sales Person, dealers will be head hunting you!

So how do you become the best?

To be honest, it’s not hard and there’s no big secret to it. It’s all about learning and understanding the Customer Journey.

By learning the steps on this journey, how to take them, the order in which to take them and understanding why you take them is all it needs.

If you would like to know more about the Customer Journey and become a great Sales Person able to earn as much as they want, then give me a call or email me for more information.